Happy Together

Facebook is, for the most part, one of the banes of modern living. 95% of the stuff on my news feed I’d rather not see.

But this week, I got the nicest greeting on my wall from a very good high school buddy of mine. Steve and I bonded over our love of classic rock (him Eric Clapton, me the Beatles). We played in HS Jazz Ensemble and Pep Band together (him guitar, me sax) and we spent a lot of after school afternoons together bumming around in my car listening to music and talking about everything that interested us.

Steve now has met the love of his life. He’s marrying her next week. He now lives in Texas. He has been putting up pictures of him and his fiancee and I have to say, they put a smile on my face. They both look so happy.

And that makes me happy. Steve is a friend and seeing him happy makes me happy. Steve is also a Christian and seeing him look so happy over getting married makes this pastor’s heart delighted.

Despite what people say about marriage, that’s what God intended marriage for. The classic marriage rite talks about God establishing marriage “for the joy and edification of his holy people.”

God wants His people to find their joy in Him and His blessings. That’s why He gave marriage. For men and women to have joy in each other and the God who gave them to one another.

God’s richest blessings, Steve and Chelsea! I know I’ve never met you, Chelsea, but judging from how happy Steve looks, I’m glad God brought you together.

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