Another Commercial For Meditation

Bible Study has many forms. You can try to read the Bible in a year. Or you can continue to marvel at a small section of Scripture for many years, as I have done.

But one of the great advantages of living in the times we live is the audio Bible. God meant for His Word to be heard (Rom. 10:14-18). And there’s nothing quite like listening to extended sections of Scripture, without the constant visual reference to chapter and verse.

Today, I spent much of the day feeling under the weather. I put on the Psalms on my Bible app and streamed it to my Bose WaveLink speaker, shut my eyes, prayed, and listened.

Yes. I am feeling better, and while I cannot attribute that to meditation on the audio Scriptures, they brought comfort…which is what they were written to do.

I highly recommend getting a good audio Bible of the ESV. Or use the YouBible app and stream away. There are few better ways to spend your time.

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