Dear Members Of St. John’s Lutheran Church, North Prairie, WI (and all other travelers to this blog),

Welcome.  The idea of this blog is to provide devotional/study posts for you.  As one who likes to work his creative writing muscles every now and then, I have used a devotional blog to mix my desire to write with my pastoral work of teaching the Scriptures for the upbuilding of the Body of Christ.

In that regard, there won’t be a schedule for new posts.  I will make contributions as I am inspired to do so and as time allows, but I am willing to notify you via email and/or through the weekly bulletin at St. John’s.  I will also probably put the newsletter articles and sermon thoughts on this blog as well.

Above all, I hope and pray you find this blog worth visiting and revisiting.  Constructive input is always appreciated.

Christ’s servant for your sake,

Pastor Torkelson

1 Tim. 1:15-17

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